Waltham American Legion Band

The first American Band to ever perform in the USSR, the Waltham American Legion Band has been playing in the United States and Europe since 1948.  The band has performed across the US as well as in Germany, Russia, Ireland and Canada.  Today the band consists of about fifty members both veterans and civilians ranging in age from teens to nineties hailing from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.  Performances include concerts, parades and special events most recently appearing in Washington and Baltimore.  

The band is a community organization consisting of three entities, a Concert Band, a Marching Band and a Trolley Band.  Membership is open to all ages and there are no fees or auditions.  You do not have to be affiliated, nor have served, with any military branch.  You also do not have to be a member of the American Legion to join the band. 

The band has recently introduced The Moody Street Blues Band, which is a small band of nine players focusing on New Orleans style music along with pop tunes.  

The band supports itself through paid performances, fund raisers and donations.  The band contributes to educational causes and local scholarships for young people interested in music.  Members volunteer their time and donate their services to support all entities and efforts.

Auditions are not required and the players range from beginners to professional musicians.  A variety of music is performed by the Concert Band, while military selections are the primary focus of the Marching and Trolley Bands.

Open rehearsals are held at the Waltham American Legion Post 156 on Monday evenings from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.  Please come by to visit but check schedule for activities, rehearsal cancelations and performance details.

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